Website Launch of the Month: Spine Centers of America

Envision is pleased to announce the launch of a revised website for Spine Centers of America, the world’s leading experts in endoscopic spine surgery. Envision continues to connect with the finest brands in Health and Wellness market, helping them connect with patients in need, using proven techniques in SEO, Website Development, Lead Generation and Branding. We have a lot in store for the Spine Centers of America brand, including initiatives in advertising, video marketing, and social media.

Take a minute to review the new and improved website from Spine Centers of America!

Taking Advantage of Git Submodules with Drupal

While building Drupal websites, we end up building modules for all sorts of random tasks – anything from simply reorganizing the contents of a node object or adding fields to the Site Information page to views plugins or huge integrations. It’s not unusual to have both in-house and contributed modules for which you or your company are the maintainer, that you use across many project. The problem is this: if you have twenty projects running your in house module and it requires a security update, you’re stuck manually updating each project by patching the files and then following your normal workflow. Your contrib modules can take advantage of Drush for updates, but Drush won’t solve the problem of ongoing project based module maintenance. (more…)

Pay-Per-Click Ads: Better Ad Copy Means Better Performance

A client of ours called me today for a quick brainstorming session on why his paid Google ads weren’t generating any clicks. He owns a Dallas vintage furniture store and sells his products online as well. Turns out, the answer was simple: his PPC ads showed copy about one of their product lines, but the click through URL for the ads was taking visitors to the home page..which didn’t show any products! Disconnect! (more…)

Snappy Kitchens Launches the Snappy Kitchen Wizard at the Dallas Home & Garden Show

Did YOU visit the Dallas Home and Garden Show? If so, you might have seen the booth for Snappy Kitchens, Dallas’ newest online kitchen remodel estimator! We worked with the Snappy team to build the tool, relying on their kitchen remodeling expertise, and our skills in using Drupal for web application development. Click. Design. Renovate!

Visit the Snappy Kitchen Design Wizard at Snappy Kitchens website.