AuthorRank Explained: A Crazy Important Factor in Successful SEO

Google’s AuthorRank is one of the biggest changes to affect content marketing and search engine optimization since the introduction of the Google’s notorious Panda and Penguin updates. In fact, according to some marketers, like those at ContentVerve, AuthorRank is even bigger than those massive algorithmic overhauls, and understanding AuthorRank is cruicial to content marketing success. With this introduction of the “author factor”, Google has once again changed the dynamics of SEO.

So, what Is AuthorRank?

If you take the time to search for the phrase “Southern Cooking Tips,” you’ll notice the top result on the results page looks like this:

AuthorRank Explained-A Crazy Important Factor in Successful SEO

Simply put, Amy Brantley has a very strong AuthorRank. She has been recognized by Google as an authority on the Southern Cooking, and as such, her blog post in ranking higher than a book on Barnes&Noble and a web page on

With the introduction of AuthorRank into the ever-changing Google algorithm, the metrics that were once tied only to individual web pages are now also tied to the individual author.

When an established, authoritative author writes something new, it has a better chance of ranking well in search engines simply because it has that author’s name on it and a photograph to make it more personal. (more…)

Brand Your Business Like A Nonprofit

The spirit of the holidays inspires us to open our hearts and wallets to our favorite charities. It could be buying gifts for those who are less fortunate, volunteering at a shelter or food bank, or giving to a religious organization.

We give to these nonprofits — large or small, seasonally or year-round — because we are emotionally connected to them and believe in their cause. Americans gave $217.79 billion to charity in 2011 despite the recession – a 4% increase from 2010, according to The Center On Philanthropy at Indiana University.

It’s due in part to branding – even though most nonprofits don’t realize it or think of it as branding. Perhaps you wonder how nonprofits can establish such a strong brand image with out any funding for marketing or branding. (We’re not talking about large nonprofits with marketing budgets here.)

It is because they intrinsically embrace three strong brand qualities: a vision and mission, passion, and loyalty – practicing, in essence, grassroots branding.

For-profit organizations wishing to emulate the success of nonprofits can likewise embrace these three qualities to strengthen their own brands.


WFAA-TV (Channel 8) Partners with Envision Interactive

Envision was more than happy to partner with WFAA (Channel 8) for the third consecutive year as its online marketing partner for the station’s annual New Year’s Eve event and syndicated television broadcast of Big D NYE 2013.

When Channel 8 approached Envision regarding the continuation of their partnership, Envision looked at this as a great opportunity to expand on the existing website. It was obvious an enhanced design was in order, as well as introducing new social features and a mobile version of the website. Channel 8 is a savvy team, so it was a nice collaboration between two parties. Channel 8 helped Envision understand their needs from a broadcast perspective and Envision built on top of that with our knowledge of creating an impactful online presence.

We all know how fast things move in the broadcast world. And due to the client’s need for speed and ever-changing requirements, Envision had to be nimble. From a technical perspective it was critical that the site be built on a CMS so the WFAA client could make quick updates. Envision chose the capable Drupal platform.

This year’s edition of the Big D NYE website introduces real-time integration with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, enabling attendees to publish tweets, messages and photos to the site before, during or after the event. To meet the demands of the growing mobile audience, Envision also created an enhanced mobile version of the website for Big D NYE. Other new features include an online store, streaming video and a new-and-improved countdown clock.

The Big D NYE event takes place at Victory Park American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas on December 31st, you can check out all the cool stuff planned be visiting their website,

5 Traits of a Successful Healthcare Brand Strategy

It’s finally Election Day and healthcare reform is one of the major concerns affecting most Americans’ decisions. Healthcare issues are highly personal and often emotional, which makes it more challenging for consumer healthcare companies to establish a credible and trustworthy healthcare brand. It’s not enough to just provide good products or services; that’s expected. For a healthcare brand to connect with consumers, stay competitive, and be profitable, it must focus its branding strategy on these 5 traits: (more…)