Website Launch of the Month: Spine Centers of America

Envision is pleased to announce the launch of a revised website for Spine Centers of America, the world’s leading experts in endoscopic spine surgery. Envision continues to connect with the finest brands in Health and Wellness market, helping them connect with patients in need, using proven techniques in SEO, Website Development, Lead Generation and Branding. We have a lot in store for the Spine Centers of America brand, including initiatives in advertising, video marketing, and social media.

Take a minute to review the new and improved website from Spine Centers of America!

Website Launch of the Month: Cox Petrol

We had a very productive week as the team completed yet another web development project. Cox Petrol is an oil and gas company based out of Dallas, TX that has opened several North Texas gas stations. We provided them with website design, website development, drupal content management system, SEO, and photography.

Take a second or two to view the launch of the new Cox Petrol website.

Drupal 7 Views with Faceted Filters, without ApacheSolr

Search facets and filtering are a great way to guide your user to the information they are looking for. With facets, we can create an intuitive way for users to narrow down the items that are visible on the screen. Drupal’s core search capability does not provide a way to implement facets, so we need to look at contributed modules to achieve this. In Drupal 6, we would reach for the Apache Solr Search module. This is a great, high performance solution, but it has it’s drawbacks. Installing Solr on your web server can be tricky, and with most shared hosting accounts not even permitted. Fortunately, with Drupal 7 and a few API modules, we can incorporate these wonderful little facets without the need for a full-blown Solr setup. (more…)