5 Guidelines For Creating Effective Landing Pages

5 Guidelines for Creating effective Landing Pages A landing page is a web page you send traffic when you want them to take action. They are often coupled with pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, QR codes and other forms of advertising. Landing pages, when implemented correctly, have big potential for success. There are times however, when missing the basic details can hurt your chances of conversions.

Here are five important guidelines to follow when creating effective landing pages. (more…)

Secure Your Drupal 3rd Party Integrations Using OAuth

While I was researching how to integrate a Twitter application into a Drupal site I found that there was very little documentation on how to accomplish this using their OAuth protocol. This can be a pretty confusing topic, and chances are that if youʼve landed here then youʼre already somewhat familiar with what OAuth is are having the same problem that I had. (more…)

Breaking Drupal 7 Webforms into Multiple Steps the Easy Way

I recently played the role of Information Architect on a site remodel. We were charged with the task of doing a brand new build to replace an existing Flash site. One of the priorities of the client was to retain the elaborate Request for Quote form. (more…)