Brand Your Business Like A Nonprofit

The spirit of the holidays inspires us to open our hearts and wallets to our favorite charities. It could be buying gifts for those who are less fortunate, volunteering at a shelter or food bank, or giving to a religious organization.

We give to these nonprofits — large or small, seasonally or year-round — because we are emotionally connected to them and believe in their cause. Americans gave $217.79 billion to charity in 2011 despite the recession – a 4% increase from 2010, according to The Center On Philanthropy at Indiana University.

It’s due in part to branding – even though most nonprofits don’t realize it or think of it as branding. Perhaps you wonder how nonprofits can establish such a strong brand image with out any funding for marketing or branding. (We’re not talking about large nonprofits with marketing budgets here.)

It is because they intrinsically embrace three strong brand qualities: a vision and mission, passion, and loyalty – practicing, in essence, grassroots branding.

For-profit organizations wishing to emulate the success of nonprofits can likewise embrace these three qualities to strengthen their own brands.