How to Use Remarketing to Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Site

When a visitor comes to your site, only to leave without making a purchase, have you lost them completely? Not with remarketing. Remarketing is internet advertising that allows you to capture customers after they have left your site and lure them back with highly targeted advertising that capitalizes on the initial interest they showed in your site.

How to Use Remarketing by Envision Interactive


5 Traits of a Successful Healthcare Brand Strategy

It’s finally Election Day and healthcare reform is one of the major concerns affecting most Americans’ decisions. Healthcare issues are highly personal and often emotional, which makes it more challenging for consumer healthcare companies to establish a credible and trustworthy healthcare brand. It’s not enough to just provide good products or services; that’s expected. For a healthcare brand to connect with consumers, stay competitive, and be profitable, it must focus its branding strategy on these 5 traits: (more…)

5 Guidelines For Creating Effective Landing Pages

5 Guidelines for Creating effective Landing Pages A landing page is a web page you send traffic when you want them to take action. They are often coupled with pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, QR codes and other forms of advertising. Landing pages, when implemented correctly, have big potential for success. There are times however, when missing the basic details can hurt your chances of conversions.

Here are five important guidelines to follow when creating effective landing pages. (more…)