AuthorRank Explained: A Crazy Important Factor in Successful SEO

Google’s AuthorRank is one of the biggest changes to affect content marketing and search engine optimization since the introduction of the Google’s notorious Panda and Penguin updates. In fact, according to some marketers, like those at ContentVerve, AuthorRank is even bigger than those massive algorithmic overhauls, and understanding AuthorRank is cruicial to content marketing success. With this introduction of the “author factor”, Google has once again changed the dynamics of SEO.

So, what Is AuthorRank?

If you take the time to search for the phrase “Southern Cooking Tips,” you’ll notice the top result on the results page looks like this:

AuthorRank Explained-A Crazy Important Factor in Successful SEO

Simply put, Amy Brantley has a very strong AuthorRank. She has been recognized by Google as an authority on the Southern Cooking, and as such, her blog post in ranking higher than a book on Barnes&Noble and a web page on

With the introduction of AuthorRank into the ever-changing Google algorithm, the metrics that were once tied only to individual web pages are now also tied to the individual author.

When an established, authoritative author writes something new, it has a better chance of ranking well in search engines simply because it has that author’s name on it and a photograph to make it more personal. (more…)

Social Evolution of SEO: Search Results Influenced by Your Social Network

For all those SEO fanatics, you know that for years the best way to acquire organic rankings in search results was to have pages containing quality content and targeting the right keywords to earn external links. Social media is changing all that. Let’s call it…the Social Evolution of SEO.

For many of us, our social media experience began with reconnecting with high school or college friends on Facebook, friending our favorite band on MySpace (Pearl Jam), or sharing on Twitter (“Go Mavs! Dallas takes home the NBA Championship!”). Now social media and search engines are harnessing that data, and serving it up to you in useful and relevant ways (hopefully). This is the best way to “connect” with current and potential customers on a personal level. (more…)

5 Steps to Better On-Page Optimization Using Scribe SEO Analyzer For Drupal

The process of optimizing a web page is, for many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, a frightening proposition. This is often due to poor research of targeted keywords, lack of using those keywords in your web page copy, the absence of alternate keywords, and not testing how a web page will look in search engine results. (more…)

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