5 Traits of a Successful Healthcare Brand Strategy

It’s finally Election Day and healthcare reform is one of the major concerns affecting most Americans’ decisions. Healthcare issues are highly personal and often emotional, which makes it more challenging for consumer healthcare companies to establish a credible and trustworthy healthcare brand. It’s not enough to just provide good products or services; that’s expected. For a healthcare brand to connect with consumers, stay competitive, and be profitable, it must focus its branding strategy on these 5 traits:

Be Human: When developing your healthcare brand, whether it’s for products or services, consider who you are marketing to. Your customers and patients are human beings.

Your brand must connect with them on an emotional and personal level. Instead of using technical or marketing jargon, use common language, so anyone can understand and feel comfortable with what your company provides. Using common language instead of medical jargon makes a person feel more at ease because he or she can understand what you are offering and is more likely to ask some of the more difficult  — or embarrassing  — questions regarding your products or services.

Using images of people, especially actual customers or patients, shows your potential customers that your company cares about its customers and is willing to work with them on a personal, one-to-one level.

Be Compassionate: When executing your healthcare brand strategy, be compassionate in the way your company provides information to potential customers and their families. The marketing messages must show that your company understands and can meet your customers’ physical, emotional and mental needs. For example:

  •     Use patient, customer, or doctor testimonials to portray a compassionate manner.
  •     Use imagery that emotionally reaches out to your customers and their families.

Be Educational: Consumers are tech-savvy and do extensive research online before making healthcare decisions. Educating your potential customers about your products or services shows that your company has the experience and quality customers are looking for. Educating the public includes:

  • Making sure your company’s offerings are easily understood by potential customers as well as by your customer service representatives, your doctors, your nurses and all other personnel in your company.
  • Providing educational material to benefit customers and to highlight the company’s experience. Articles, diagrams, videos and infographics are engaging ways to educate.

For example, our client, Spine Centers of America, dedicates an entire Education section on its website to providing patients with comprehensive articles, videos, and FAQs regarding spine conditions and procedures.

Be Transparent: To help provide brand trustworthiness while marketing your healthcare products or services, be transparent by posting true and uncensored reviews, providing information in a non-exaggerated way, and accurately representing your offerings online and offline. Any questions and concerns should be answered honestly and openly with FAQs or other documents. Customers will feel more assured choosing your brand knowing that they’ve made an educated decision.

Be Committed: The most important trait of a successful healthcare brand strategy is your company’s commitment. Express your company’s commitment to your customers’ well-being and your brand strategy by consistently providing great customer experiences and adhering to brand guidelines.

The value of developing your healthcare brand with these 5 core traits in mind is tremendous and will contribute immeasurably to your company’s success. A healthcare brand strategy with a focus on your customer’s needs will build brand loyalty and brand equity over time. Healthcare will always be an important issue for Americans, so invest in your company’s brand now. We are a healthcare marketing agency specializing in developing brands, and we can help your company incorporate these 5 traits and more with our 360-degree brand development services and expertise.