How to Use Remarketing to Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Site

When a visitor comes to your site, only to leave without making a purchase, have you lost them completely? Not with remarketing. Remarketing is internet advertising that allows you to capture customers after they have left your site and lure them back with highly targeted advertising that capitalizes on the initial interest they showed in your site.

How to Use Remarketing by Envision Interactive

Remarketing: A Practical Example

Understanding how remarketing works is best done with an example. Let’s say for a minute that your site sells cruises. When a customer comes to your site and leaves without making a purchase, the customer’s browser will get tagged with a cookie, adding him to your remarketing advertising list.

Now, as that customer continues browsing, an ad for your cruise website will appear. Since the customer’s searching habits show that he is interested, at least casually, in your business, keeping your site fresh in his mind will help increase your chances of getting that particular sale. Also, because your ads only appear to people who have already visited your site, you are able to maximize your advertising dollars.

Remarketing Versus Traditional Paid Search Advertising

Remarketing and traditional paid advertisements are different because of their focus. The goal of a traditional pay per click campaign is to get a new visitor to come to your site. The goal of remarketing is to get a visitor who left your site to return and close the deal.

Who Should Use Remarketing?

While any company can benefit from remarketing, businesses that are looking to improve their return on investment and who have a high rate of customers who leave without making a purchase stand to gain the most. In fact, Straight North, a leading Internet Marketing and corporate branding company in the Chicago area, indicates that remarketing increases conversions by as much as 50 percent. That’s a high number, and makes remarketing well worth considering as part of your overall branding and marketing process.

Remarketing with Google

Google’s Display Network makes setting up a remarketing campaign simple. Simply add the remarketing tag code to all of the pages of your site, set up your remarketing campaign to target the right type of shoppers and wait for your ads to start bringing them back to your site.

If you are ready to recapture some of your lost customers through highly targeted advertising that reaches only those who leave your site, then consider remarketing. The potential return on investment is high, and the setup is relatively simple, so get started today.