5 Steps to Better On-Page Optimization Using Scribe SEO Analyzer For Drupal

The process of optimizing a web page is, for many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, a frightening proposition. This is often due to poor research of targeted keywords, lack of using those keywords in your web page copy, the absence of alternate keywords, and not testing how a web page will look in search engine results.

Enter Scribe SEO – a web-based tool that makes the process of optimizing web pages simpler. The Scribe SEO Analyzer is a web service that analyzes and provides recommendations at a click of a button. And since we are a Drupal web development firm, we use the Scribe Drupal plugin (they also have plugins for WordPress and Joomla). In this post, I’ll provide 5 easy and powerful steps for on-page optimization using this module for Drupal.

Step 1: Know Your Language
First thing is first – You must get in sync with the right language before you create content. This will help you determine the primary topic of your page which will become your initial keyword or keyword phrase. This should then become the central theme of your full page.

Step 2: Analyze Content
Once content has been written and inserted into Drupal, you are now ready to analyze it by clicking the “Analyze Content” button. Within a few seconds, you get a full analysis with an easy to understand numeric score and recommendations for optimization of the meta tags, title, and body copy.

Step 3: Analyze Keywords
The Keyword Analysis report is very useful to rank on specific keywords. This report not only shows top searchable keyword combinations but also highlights each keyword rank, prominence, frequency, and density. If search engines were to review your page, this is how they would gather what your page may be about.

Step 4: Use Alternate Keywords
If you are asking yourself, “How do I know what words are searched the most?” The Alternate Keywords report answers this for you. It shows how often any significant keyword found on your page is being searched. This gives you insight to which targeted keywords your competition is after.

Step 5: Test the Look of Your Listing
Once you are satisfied with your score, I suggest you play around with the SERP feature. This item shows how your listing will probably look on a search engine results page. This is a good way to see if your title is too long, if your top keyword phrases are visible or if it’s something people will click on.

The Scribe SEO Analyzer provides a simpler way to spoon feed your content based on search engine best practices and this is one service in the Envision Interactive SEO toolbox we provide. Using this powerful module without leaving your Drupal site will help acquire high rankings and build a site worth clicking to.