Build a Drupal 7 Content Type Search Block in 5 Easy Steps

I recently had a need for a search form in a sidebar, that would search a specific content type. Since the content type I needed to search for was already indexed by the search module, I wanted to stick with core Drupal searching. I didn’t really want to mess with altering an advanced search form, so I came up with the following solution, which only took 5 easy steps.


5 Steps to Better On-Page Optimization Using Scribe SEO Analyzer For Drupal

The process of optimizing a web page is, for many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, a frightening proposition. This is often due to poor research of targeted keywords, lack of using those keywords in your web page copy, the absence of alternate keywords, and not testing how a web page will look in search engine results. (more…)

The Scary World of Data Migration… From HTML Pages to Drupal 7

I recently was faced with a project where the client has a "database" of items that will be brought into the brand new Drupal 7 site that we are preparing for him. Come to find out, this "database" was actually about 2,500 html documents. In order to extract the data from these html docs, I needed 3 things:

  • Tidy to clean up the HTML
  • QueryPath to extract the text from the HTML
  • Some custom PHP to bring the records into Drupal

Tidy up

I needed to use Tidy because the HTML was a bit inconsistent, and some tags were not closed properly. This made things a little problematic for QueryPath. Tidy works great, and it was really easy to use. There are many options in the manual but I chose use the -clean, -indent and -modify options. Let's take a look at what happens with these options:


How to NOT Become a Drupal Janitor

So you have just been handed the keys to a not-so-new Drupal website that another agency built, you are now the guy in charge of keeping the site running, and ensuring the success of your new client. While everything seems shiny and new on the surface you finally get your first peek under the hood only to find out that the last guy obviously lied about his experience with Drupal. Your client may even already be aware of some issues with their site and is asking you to correct them. You have now come to realize that your success relies solely on keeping this house-of-cards website from toppling over. (more…)

Snappy Kitchens Launches the Snappy Kitchen Wizard at the Dallas Home & Garden Show

Did YOU visit the Dallas Home and Garden Show? If so, you might have seen the booth for Snappy Kitchens, Dallas’ newest online kitchen remodel estimator! We worked with the Snappy team to build the tool, relying on their kitchen remodeling expertise, and our skills in using Drupal for web application development. Click. Design. Renovate!

Visit the Snappy Kitchen Design Wizard at Snappy Kitchens website.