SERP Killers: 10 Things You’re Doing to Kill Your Search Engine Rankings

In the world of content marketing, search engine algorithm changes are often deadly. Often the websites that suffer the most are those that were created solely for the search engines, without a thought for the user experience. If your website has been left in the dust at any point by a search engine algorithm change like Panda or Penguin, and you want to avoid this in the future, then learn to identify and avoid these top 10 SERP killers.

SERP Killers_Panda_Penguin_Envision_Interactive

1. Duplicate Content
According to Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, “Search engines demand fresh content.” Do not recycle old content or copy content from others. Add your own fresh, relevant content to preserve your rank. Remember, user experience should be your ultimate goal.

2. Stuff Those Keywords (or Ignore Them)
Keyword usage is essential to SEO, but you have to use them wisely. Incorporate the phrases people will be searching for, but avoid stuffing your pages full of keywords at the expense of readability. Write for the readers, but with keywords sprinkled in, and you will do well.