Website Launch of the Month: Spine Centers of America

Envision is pleased to announce the launch of a revised website for Spine Centers of America, the world’s leading experts in endoscopic spine surgery. Envision continues to connect with the finest brands in Health and Wellness market, helping them connect with patients in need, using proven techniques in SEO, Website Development, Lead Generation and Branding. We have a lot in store for the Spine Centers of America brand, including initiatives in advertising, video marketing, and social media.

Take a minute to review the new and improved website from Spine Centers of America!

Build a Drupal 7 Content Type Search Block in 5 Easy Steps

I recently had a need for a search form in a sidebar, that would search a specific content type. Since the content type I needed to search for was already indexed by the search module, I wanted to stick with core Drupal searching. I didn’t really want to mess with altering an advanced search form, so I came up with the following solution, which only took 5 easy steps.


Envision Launches Snappy Kitchens Website and Kitchen Design Tool using Drupal

Snappy Kitchens is a Dallas based company that allows consumers to design a kitchen online using their Snappy Kitchen Wizard. Our web development team used Drupal to create their marketing website as well as the wizard. This project included custom Drupal module development for scheduling, searching for store locations, and franchisee management (order management, organic groups, etc). Basic Drupal modules used included Views, Features, Rules, Chaos Tools, SEO Checklist, Meta Tags, and Google Analytics.

Now it’s up to the Envision Interactive SEM department to launch a paid search campaign to generate traffic!

My new website is finally live – now what?

So, you’ve recently created a website. You managed to make it through the planning, design, development, and testing phases. You wrote all new content for your services pages, added new photos of the team, and even installed analytics. Time to relax, celebrate, and watch the leads flood your inbox, right? Wrong.

You’re just getting started. The following is a simple set of guidelines that will help you maintain a content-relevant website; one that draws in potential customers and gives them reasons to interact with your brand.

The obvious goal of any website is to attract visitors. In order for that to happen, users need to have a reason to visit. And that reason is quality, relevant content! Naturally, upon the launch of the website, you will already have some fresh new content on your site, usually in the form of your about us page, a blog, or employee bio’s. But is that sufficient? Not quite.